Workforce Development Resources

These resources are provided for your reference and use in your own workforce development program. Programs should be designed to meet the needs of staff with expertise ranging from novice to expert and should address a range of issues related to professional development and career advancement.

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Our plan utilizes a balanced, multi-pronged approach was addressing the following areas and objectives:

  • Competency:  Develop and/or augment Informatics and Analytics knowledge and skills.

  • Community:  Establish and/or enhance professional networks of informatics and analytics practitioners and leverage those networks to collaborate on health informatics issues affecting the delivery of care across the enterprise.

  • Career:  Establish Informatics related job roles and career paths appropriate for a multi-professional workforce to support a natural progression of informatics skills and responsibilities.

For further information, contact:

Diane C. Bedecarré, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS  707-763-1835

Elizabeth S. Chapman, MS, CPHIMS  803-608-7012

Access the materials using the links below. Please note that links within some documents may not be available outside VA.


Training Plans

  Informatics Training Plan
  Analytics Training Plan

Featured Courses

Introduction to Health Informatics (HI 101)
 - HI 101 Syllabus
Health Informatics Lecture Series (301)
 - Course Catalog
VA Health Informatics Certificate Program (VA AMIA 10x10)
 - VA AMIA 10x10 Syllabus Example
 - VA AMIA 10x10 Frequently Asked Questions
Introduction to Health Care Data Analytics
 - Course Syllabus
 - Course Flyer

 - Blog post describing Intro to Data Analytics course
 - Data Analytics Course Glossary
 - Instructional Resources for Data Analytics Participants
 - Additional Available Data Analytics Training Resource List
 - Final Evaluation Report - Introduction to Data Analytics First Offering
Course materials to be posted Summer 2017 on the website. For more information, see or
Additional Resources Bellevue College online CAHIMS (Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems) exam preparation course
Core Content for Clinical Informatics - JAMIA April 2009
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Program
Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Development Programs
 - Health IT Education Opportunities
 - Original ONC Workforce Development Curriculum
Oregon Health Sciences University Big Data to Knowledge Open Educational Resources (OER) Modules
Stanford/Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
VA Health Informatics Educational Resources
Position Descriptions Supervisory Health Informatics Specialist
Lead Health Informatics Specialist
Health Informatics Specialist GS-343-12_PD
Health Informatics Specialist GS-343-11_PD
Health Informatics Specialist GS-343-09_PD
Health Informatics Specialist GS-343-07_PD
Health Informatics Specialist GS-343-05_PD
Functional Statements Nurse III_Informatics
Nurse II_Informatics
Additional Resources Chief_Health_Informatics_Competencies
Chief Health Informatics Competency Exec Summary
Informatics Recruitment and Retention Plan
Health Informatics Workforce Assessments 2011
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