Health Informatics Specialist/Clinical Applications Coordinator (HIS-CAC) National Training Program

The series provides technical skills training for HIS/CAC staff who support the software applications that are integral to CPRS. It is strongly recommended that students take each module in order as skills and exercises build sequentially.

Course name: Course 8- Advanced Text Integration Utility (TIU) Part 2
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This is the second course in a two part series on Advanced TIU functionality. COM Objects functionality is covered in detail with common application examples including the Diagram Annotation Tool and Mobile Electronic Documentation (MED). In addition, the CPRS documentation functionality specific to the Surgery, Discharge Summary, and Lab tabs are presented.


Enrolled participants must have access to CPRS and all HIS/CAC menus and keys in their TEST, MIRROR or Training accounts in order to participate in the required exercises. It is assumed that the participant already possesses basic proficiency in using the CPRS graphical user interface.

Prior completion of Course 2- Authorization Subscription Utility/Text Integration Utility (ASU/TIU)  is strongly recommended as basic proficiency with ASU and TIU is assumed in this advanced course.

Enrollment: Opens May 31, 2017
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