Health Informatics Specialist/Clinical Applications Coordinator (HIS-CAC) National Training Program

The series provides technical skills training for HIS/CAC staff who support the software applications that are integral to CPRS. It is strongly recommended that students take each module in order as skills and exercises build sequentially.

Course name: Course 4- Consult/ Request Tracking and Clinical Procedures
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The Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Consult/Request Tracking Package provides the functionality in the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) which enables clinical staff to order, track and complete requests for consultative services and procedures. This module will cover the various types of consult services as defined in the national consult business rules. The content is intended to provide a solid foundation in the set up and maintenance of the Consult/Request Tracking package. In addition, an introduction to Clinical Procedures is provided in relation to capturing clinical procedure results generated by other clinical software packages for inclusion in CPRS.


Enrolled participants must have access to CPRS and all HIS/CAC menus and keys in their TEST, MIRROR or Training accounts in order to participate in the required exercises. It is assumed that the participant already possesses basic proficiency in using the CPRS graphical user interface.

Prior completion of the modules Becoming an Effective CPRS Trainer, ASU/TIU and Orders is strongly recommended.

Enrollment: Open June 29, 2016
Enrollment link: Enroll now