Health Informatics Specialist/Clinical Applications Coordinator (HIS-CAC) National Training Program

This series provides technical skills training for Health Informatics Specialist/Clinical Applications Coordinator (HIS/CAC) staff who support the software applications that are integral to the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS). Courses cover the full range of knowledge and skills related to CPRS in accordance with national and local policies.

Courses are not required to be taken in sequential order. However, we recommend taking the courses in order as skills and exercises build sequentially.

NOTE: Enrolled participants must have access to CPRS and all HIS/CAC menus and keys in their TEST, MIRROR or Training accounts in order to participate in the required exercises.

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Course 07 - Authorization Subscription Utility/Text Integration Utility (ASU/TIU) 80

**This course contains CPRS V32a updates. This course provides instructions on how to configure and maintain clinical documentation functionality within CPRS.

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Course 03 - Patient Selection & Patient List Management 80

**This course contains CPRS V32a updates. This course covers the patient selection functionality in CPRS and reviews how to customize, support and optimize patient lists and teams.

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Course 04 - Notifications 80

**This course contains CPRS V32a updates. This course covers Notifications in the Order Entry/ Results Reporting (OE/RR) and the Text Integration Utility (TIU) packages. Topics include Notifications triggers, setting up and customizing Notification settings and processing Notifications.

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Course 08 - Advanced Text Integration Utility (TIU) Part 1 80

This course is the first in a two-part series on advanced TIU functionality. It covers advanced concepts and skills in TIU configuration and parameter settings. These include specialized documentation functionality, Crisis Notes, Clinical Warnings, Adverse Reaction/Allergy and Advance Directives (CWAD), Interdisciplinary Notes, Form Letters and Patient Record Flags (PRF).

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Course 06 - Problem List 80

This course covers configuring, optimizing and maintaining the Problem List Package. It reviews Problem List features, functionality, associated menu options, security keys, parameters and files.

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